Dj SMS on Kasi Fm

Yes Family, our very on Dj SMS will be on Kasi Fm Saturday the 20th November doing an exclusive 30minutes mix waving the FROLIC 6 flag and painting the East Rand with our proudly Frolic 6 Colours.

Catch him on Kasi Fm 97.1 between 13:30 & 14:00

We Keep it Fresh And Precise


~ by frolic6ent on November 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Dj SMS on Kasi Fm”

  1. Good Afternoon!

    My name is Sifiso Malinga and I’m looking for a non-paid intern position with Kasi FM.

    I have a great interest in the Radio and Information Technology profession and I could be very helpful at your Company. I’m dependable, bright, eager to learn and very trustworthy.

    I could be of service in either your programming or promotions department on a flexible, part time basis. All I ask in return is the privilege of working with and learning from your stuff.

    I have enclosed my resume which will give you an idea of my background. If there is anything else you need to know, please do not hesitate to call. I would gladly make time to meet with you personally.

    Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Sifiso Malinga

  2. I listen to your station almost every day and keeps going in the office with good programmes. The morning topics are so informative, just hope that our kids could listen and heve such debates.

    If JB could contact me on 011 308-1534 i would like to ask about a record heplayed on his first show on sunday.

  3. Hi my name is Jay U an up and coming singer, songwriter, i have a single i would like to submit to the station. How do i go about doing that.

  4. Its so sad to see how our police officers oparet I’m siting here at natal spruit hospital rank,two polise man just grabbed n ran away with a box meet from this guys who are selling the next thing we criy whith their famalies that the community kills our polise.

  5. You ROCK!!!!

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