Know Your Diesel Jeans!!

Are you into your Diesel wear and at times you so in need of knowing how to differentiate between Fake Diesel Jeans and the Real Thing? Here’s how you can Spot the difference…

Fabric Quality
Authentic Diesel jeans use an extremely good quality denim. Some styles have a smooth elastic feel. Fake Diesel jeans often have a thicker, rougher denim which is low quality

Inside the Diesel jeans on the sizing label, it will say ‘Made in Italy’. Just below this, there is silverish white stitching that needs to be inspected carefully. Look closely and an Authentic pair will actually say ‘Diesel’ in the microstitching. You may need a magnifying glass, but it is pictured below.
Note: Older authentic Diesel jeans made before about 2003 do not have this micro-stitching

Small Numbers
Look above Indian head on the jean size label. Just above the Head, you should see very faint hard to read numbers as pictured below

Distress and rip marks
Authentic Diesel jeans are hand-distressed while fakes are typically created by machine. Due to this, fake jeans distress marks may appear less-realistic and more like scratches or precise rips.

if you are still unsure if you have been ripped off, simply take the jeans to your local Diesel Jeans retailer and ask them to give their opinion.

One Love, FTV (Frolic6 TV)


~ by frolic6ent on June 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Know Your Diesel Jeans!!”

  1. True that iv noticed such, only one problem. We don’t have Diesel sun hats anymore….please help, South Africa, Gauteng

    • We could get information on that Mr Masondo, other wise keep checking our blog…one love

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