Our Old Time Favorite : Agent K – Feed The Cat

Let’s Go Old School! This is by far one of our all time Favorite Album. You would find us still rocking this tune in clubs, Pubs or any deep house gig during our surprisingly ground breaking and beautiful Break Beat sets.

Kaidi Tatham’s “Feed The Cat“, recorded under the Agent K moniker, has been making huge waves in the underground scene, since its 2002 U.K. release on the Laws of Motion label. Now, Giant Step in New York, purveyor of extraordinary danceable music since 1990, has picked up Kaidi’s debut full-length album, added two “taut” remixes of “Rideaway Getaway” by DJ Spinna and legendary deep house producers Blaze, and repacked it for American consumption.

“Feed the Cat” serves up a delicious combination of jazz, funk and soul, with a deep nod to the masters (Herbie, Roy, Parliament), and an eye set on the future. From the rolling bass of “Orbit” and rollicking staccato polyrhythms in “Ladies to the Latin-tinged rhythm of “Thy Lord” and balmy keys in “Hands”, “Feed the Cat” is a flawlessly produced, beautifully arranged repertoire that adeptly straddles the line between precision and warmth. Garnishing this musical fare are ambrosial vocal performances from former Brand New Heavies front-woman, Carleen Anderson, Izzi Dunn, Don Ricardo, and an ethereal spoken piece from Vanessa Freeman.

The famously prolific, multi-instrumentalist Tatham is a staple in the West London music scene, and frequently collaborates with fellow members of the Bugz in the Attic crew. As such, he is often co-credited with putting what is known as “broken beat” music on the underground map. However, his solo effort stretches far beyond the confines of new music and still takes you back to the old.

“You Got To Love This One”


~ by frolic6ent on June 19, 2011.

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