Legend Of This Month: Larry Head Aka Mr Fingers

This Months Legend is none other than Mr Fingers/Loose Fingers himself better known as Larry Heard. One of our most influential old school Musician, Disc jockey and Record producers who by far has made a huge impact in becoming the Disk Jockies and Musicians that we are today. You can still find us playing his amazing tracks such as our old time favorite “About This Love” and some oh his latest remixed releases from his old school collection. We admire and appreciate his music, he happened to be our Legend of this month.

Larry Heard, born May 31, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. A musician widely known for the Chicago house music he produced in the mid-1980s and continues to produce today. He was a member of the influential group Fingers, Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers.

Born on the South Side of Chicago, Heard grew up hearing jazz and Motown at home, and could play several instruments from a young age. Before beginning his solo musical career in 1983, he was a member of the bands Infinity (a jazz-fusion cover group that included Adonis) and the Manhattan Transfer. He also worked for the U.S. government as a benefit authorizer, which enabled him to buy his first studio equipment. Although he has created much music and his career is ongoing, he is most well-known for recording these songs, mostly from the mid-1980s:

•”Can You Feel It”

•”Bring Down the Walls” (ft. Robert Owens)

•”Mystery of Love”

•”Washing Machine”

•”Donnie” (as the It)


•”What About this Love”

His smooth production style with soulful vocals and long instrumental passages that de-emphasized percussion spearheaded the sub-genre known as deep house. One of his first releases was a collaboration with singer Robert Owens, released under the group name “Fingers Inc.” The song “Mystery of Love” instantly became a classic hit, rising to #10 on the Billboard Dance charts.

Although he has created much music and his career is ongoing, his mid-1980s tracks are considered classics in the house and nu-soul genres.

He has mentored other successful artists, most notably Son Dexter, whose label Alleviated Records has released some of Heard’s music.

Much of Heard’s music is released and re-released under different names, including Fingers, Mr. Fingers, Loosefingers, Larry Heard, and Robert Owens (the vocalist on those tracks).

If we had awards to give to our legends, we would have been honored to have presented it to Leary Mr Fingers Heard, he deserves it

Frolic Love

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~ by frolic6ent on July 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Legend Of This Month: Larry Head Aka Mr Fingers”

  1. Generations after generations his music still speaks to many different souls. #lovely!

  2. Larry Head is my all time favourite house artist.

  3. Yeh,he is amazing,i like his clasical house,i stil need to hear more new mix he can produce..keep it up larry..pascal.from south africa

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