Legend Of The Month: All The Lovely WOMEN…

WOMEN hold a pivotal role and statue in our lives, young or old. You cannot tell me that you don’t feel like running to your mum when you’ve cut your hand with a knife… see, they are very important. And yes, that smile and that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you feel like calling her and tell…. Um… well, something. Maybe that you love her? Anyway, As we all know that August is woman’s month, let us learn to love, cherish, respect the women in our lives. We chose to dedicate this months “Legend Of The Month” to all the wonderful Woman out there.

Take a path down history memory lane and learn why August is deemed as a legendary and Woman’s month. Flowers wither but respect increases the number of living days you’ll have on earth.

To our Mothers, Sisters, abo Gogo NaboAunty, Girlfriends, Wives and widows
Born  into the world as a help meet
One who completes
One who nurtures
One who has love pouring out of her pores.
Born to be a pillar
Born to sooth…

We celebrate you today
Siphakamisa ubuhle bakho
Ukhono lwakho uzwelo bakho
May affluence flow out the palms of your hands
May your love never cease to be like a river may it meander to all nations…
May it touch souls that dared turned away from love

Sesihalalisela ubukhona baakho
Sijabula nomhlaba ngenxa yempilo yakho
Nguwena ophethe ubuhle ngezandla zakho
Sithi nkosikazi, mama halala
Wena qhawe
Wena Ndlovukazi
Freedom fighter
Siyakuphakamisa namuhla.


~ by frolic6ent on August 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Legend Of The Month: All The Lovely WOMEN…”

  1. We thank you!

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