Legent Of The Month: MUTABARUKA

“Dis poem has knives, guns, bombs begging for freedom. Dis poem is a drum, percusion, moar-moar,yahuru uhuru…”A few Aspiring poetic words from this month’s (Legend Of The Month), MUTABARUKA formally known as Allan Hope.

Jamaican revolutionary/poet born in Rae Town Kingston was the first well-publicized voice in the new wave of poets growing since the early 1970’s. His well known poem esp. in South africa is “dis poem” commonly used as an ancestral accapella when playing house sets.

In respect of his revolutionary thoughts of bringing change to his country (jamaica), people around the world started statements such as “his poems tell a story common to most black people born in the ghetto… And when Muta writes, it’s loud and clear.” Granted that many of Muta’s poems are fully realized only in performance, some of them seem to us far more successful than others. Of which sum are used in schools.

Frolic6 would just like to add that Mutabaruka speaks to and for a host of troubled young people world wide.

~ by frolic6ent on September 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Legent Of The Month: MUTABARUKA”

  1. Nice one! Salute to the legendary Mutabaruka.

  2. Dope! “Dis poem will continue in your mind”

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