Help Us Finding The “Lost Superga” Competition

It’s officially the beginning of a new century, yeah I said it, SUPERGA is officially 100 YEARS OLD!!! and what better way to celebrate,

SOWETO get ready for The Italian Street Culture, we talking SURPEGA celebrating its birthday here with us, the 1st of its kind ‘Ekasi’ brought to you by FROLIC 6,

22nd October 2011, Chaf Pozi Orlando Towers

We will be giving away tickets to this wonderful Italian experience, winning the tickets is as easy as helping us find the “Lost Superga”


Okay this is how it goes

1. Take a picture of your Superga Takkies in the strangest but coolest place that you can think of. It can be in your microwave for all we care! lol

2. Send or post it on the “Frolic 6 Movement” Group or “TheItalianstreetculture Superga” Profile or simply Email us your pic at 

3. Make sure you include your contact details if that is you’ve sent the picture via email, as for Facebook we will contact you there.

4. The Winner will be notified and will stand a chance of winning 3 Tickets, Superga hampers and Frolic 6 goodies.

Now be creative and help us find the lost Superga. For those who took part in Helping us find the “Lost Superga” will have their pictures screened on the day and SOWETO will be the judge of your Creativity, now that should be exciting!

So come on let’s show Italy what we call a Celebration! Don’t forget 22nd October Chaf Pozi. Get those Supergas, Rock them with Turned Up Trousers/Chinos/Jeans/ hey Ladies even shorts and skirts work too *wink* and let’s expose those sneaks!

Superga, People’s Shoe From Italy and Frolic 6 Entertainment

More info

Frolic 6 Love


~ by frolic6ent on October 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “Help Us Finding The “Lost Superga” Competition”

  1. I lOve this! This is an awesome post! If people don’t get excited over this?…I don’t know. 22nd of October Chaf Pozi! Le’s go!

  2. excited. :>

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