HOME GROWN 25-02-2012


Every once in our lifetimes, something special with a glow of awe makes a turn into our paths. An experience outside the norm yet refined with authenticity, placed at our doorsteps to live as an everlasting memory. With that said…ladies and gents…brace yourselves for the gem called “HOME GROWN” soon to happen on the 25-02-2012 most of you’ll have been been going crazy over this and believe you me we are as excited to have planned such a deep night for you’ll!

HOME GROWN is more than just a continuation of a deep & underground house music movement but a reunion, we talking about that deeeeep naked house feel from back in them 115 retainers, to those profound parties where old school heads never wanted to miss, mainly those electric workshops. Remembering those  down tempo, deep techy & dub step vibes which we hardly get on the new club scenes sunken but maintained only by a few loyal heads in the underground scene, also put on the weeps with how the house music has been placed out of countenance, distracted & confused from its true meaning!

This is a continuation of what was meant to be…and it meets it’s focal point in SOWETO

On the deep:
QB SMITH (Warm Days/ UK)
OCTAVE (Harmonic Station)
BUBBLES (Multiracial records)
MIGGS (Foreal House Records)
PALEDI (Space Gram Records)
RUDE SOUL (Do It NOw Recordings)
2LANI DA WARRIOR (Do It Now Recordings)

So relive your musically golden years and retweak your appreciative ear with us…all of us…

VENUE: ChangeRoom CARWASH, Pimville Square
TIME: 12:00pm till Late
DAMAGE: Free Before 4pm, R50 After

Proudly packaged for you by:

Frolic 6 Entertainment | Sgwava’s Corner | Corner 537 | Steak House | Katt Deepsoul Junkie

More info:

frolic6@gmail.com / 0710577877 / 0792948266

sgwava@gmail.com / 0814783497/ 073 917 6917

deepsouljunkie@ydidi.co.za / 0769935735 / 0838718272

“Men profess to be lovers of music, but for the most part they give no evidence in their opinions and lives that they have heard it.” Our evidence is as is, HOME GROWN


~ by frolic6ent on February 13, 2012.

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