“Stand Out From The Rest”

So as you kicking it back, stuffed with life’s endless Myths about who’s cooler than who, what’s better, what’s not, dress this, rock that tryna look too cool to push an impression, next thing you notice are these old ass looking Chuck Taylors, Whaaat i still have those????? then that thought comes, hmmmm should i? but nah what will em Pips think, im scruffy? nah im cool, uhm well, its a black scruffy contaminated, cruddy, crummy, defiled old ditch deeger look you pulling! nah ima look cool, eish damn some ones gona chew up my neck…. or is it?? hell i got this tight ass attire to rock with this old skull, dope looking Chuck Tylor, lets see How This Can Stand Out From The Rest

Disclaimer! lol Check out these cool All Star Chuck Taylor pics took by Thee Finesse…


~ by frolic6ent on March 20, 2012.

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