“The Audicity Of A Dream”

One would think its actually a city that encapsulates order. I wouldn’t blame them, until they have dream boldly staring them in the face. The Audacity of a dream, is that type that wakes you up at dawn and tells you well, you need to dream some more. The irony, you see, its that type that will make you see colours printed in fountain on top of a hilltop that merely exists in your head Its that type that will take you to a land foreign, with nothing but a dream in hand. Its Addict is so appalling at times. Well, all the time actually. It’ll follow you everywhere you go until you turn around and start living it.
Start listening to it
Start painting it
It’ll tell you that there are infinite possibilities that lie in the hands of he who holds a paintbrush. That there are an abyss of possibilities staring you on a canvas. See, I’ve come to realise that a dream is merely Gods way of telling you His mind. What He thinks of you.

He paints His majesty in your head and tells you His secrets in your heart. That’s why, when you close your eyes, He paints your eyelids with His thoughts and, takes you on a journey that only your mind can comprehend.

I believe it is then that your true self comes forth.

The audacity of a dream bigger than you.
It makes you stop chasing pavements.
It makes you see colour in darkness
It makes you read in a dark room
The audacity .. The pain .. The light… The comfort.. The beauty.. The love of a dream that resides deep in thee like a gold mine waiting to be discovered by you.
It’ll wake you up..
Chase after you.
Suffocate you if need be..
But it’ll never kill.
It’ll wrestle you like Jacob wrestled God
That’s the audacity of a dream

You know us, Just Sharing!

Frolic Love!

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~ by frolic6ent on April 21, 2012.

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